Nothing makes a better business partner than your best friend, right? Jay + Bee met as tiny infants and became instantly inseparable. Although they’ve come a long way since lip syncing Spice Girls songs at their weekly sleepovers and chasing boys at recess, they still make a dynamic duo. Jay + Bee are more than your photographers, they'll be your new friends!

Meet Jay

Jenn started her photography business in 2013, and it took off quickly! Even though Jenn works in a bank by day, you can still find her doing sessions in her spare time! Jenn manages to find time to spend with her love, JR and their two pupperoos!

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Meet Bee

Bee joined the team as a second shooter before becoming a full-time partner, and has been shooting with Jay since 2014. When she's not behind the camera, Bee spends her time with her favorite boys; her husband, Austin, and sons, Kaiden, Shiloh, and Taren.

"I love what I do! I am such a people person that meeting new people and making new friends is totally my gig. I am also that crazy person that will sing and dance around just to make your kiddos smile!"

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“Jay + Bee are the BEST!! They truly love and put so much into what they do. They have done my senior photos all the way to my wedding photos and I love every. single. photo. Couldn’t imagine having any other photographers capture all my special moments!”

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